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HarmonyCARV Acoustic Felt Wall Panels

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    Introducing the Arc HarmonyCARV Acoustic Felt Wall Panels in overlay print colors. These Acoustic V-Groove wall panels are the latest addition to Inhabit's HarmonyCARV PET Felt line of products. HarmonyCARV marries depth of design and sound control to dampen the most acoustically demanding spaces. With HarmonyCARV, Inhabit expands its range of acoustic panel options through curated or one-of-a-kind arrangements. Installation is a breeze, state of the art manufacturing ensures seamless continuation of patterns, and HarmonyCARV supports full surface application or targeted area control.

    Elevate your space with HarmonyCARV Acoustic V-Groove Wall Panels. A cinch to install and made from PET felt with a minimum of 60% recycled content.

    25 products
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